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Senior Executives

Chinese Estates Holdings Limited

Senior Executives
Ms. Connie CHEUNG, Mun-yi  

joined the Group (the Company together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) in 2007 and is the Head of Legal Department. Ms. Cheung is a practising solicitor. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Laws and a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, both from The University of Hong Kong. Before joining the Group, Ms. Cheung worked in both law firm as a solicitor and public sector as an in-house legal counsel. Ms. Cheung is responsible for overseeing the legal aspects of the Group’s various businesses, including project development, commercial investments, conveyancing and tenancy. She has over 27 years of legal experience. Ms. Cheung also acts as a director of a subsidiary of the Company.

Ms. Hazel LAI, Ming-yan  

joined the Group in 2000 and is the Senior Manager-Contracts of Project Development Department. Ms. Lai is a registered professional surveyor. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Science in Building from the City University of Hong Kong and a Master Degree of Science in Construction and Real Estate from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is also a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Ms. Lai is responsible for the quantity surveying affairs. She has over 28 years of relevant experience.

Various businesses and functions of the Company are significantly under the direct responsibilities of the Executive Directors who are also regarded as senior executives of the Company.